Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Shaklee Order Form

Dear beauty client/s,
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Advanced Joint Health Tablet (60 tablets) WM RM124 / EM RM130

Alfalfa Complex (S) (330 tablets) WM RM54 / EM RM56

Alfalfa Complex (L) (700 tablets) WM RM97 / EM RM102

B Complex (120 tablets) WM RM54 / EM RM56

CarotoMax (30 tablets) WM RM74 / EM RM77

Chewable Vita C 100mg (90 tablets) WM RM37 / EM RM40

DTX Complex (90 tablets) WM RM155 / EM RM160

Garlic Complex (60 tablets) WM RM47 / EM RM50

GLA Complex (60 tablets) WM RM91 / EM RM95

Herb Lax Tablets (120 tablets) WM RM52 / EM RM55

Lecithin (180 tablets) WM RM52 / EM RM55

OmegaGuard (90 tablets) WM RM136 / EM RM140

OsteMatrix (120 tablets) WM RM61 / EM RM65

Peppermint Ginger Plus (90 tablets) WM RM45 / EM RM48

Sustained Release Vita C Plus (180 tablets) WM RM92 / EM RM97

Vita E Complex (120 tablets) WM RM149 / EM RM154

Vita Lea Iron Formula (120 tablets) WM RM89 / EM RM94

Vita Lea for Children (Chewable) (65 tablets) WM RM49 / EM RM51

Zinc (120 tablets) WM RM34 / EM RM35


Collagen Powder (15sachets) WM RM298 / EM RM312

ESP Soy Protein Isolate Powder (850g) WM RM150 / EM RM155

Meal Shake - French Vanilla (544g) WM RM114 / EM RM121

Nutriferon (Stick) (30x1.2g) WM RM181 / EM RM191

Performance Drink - Orange (539g) WM RM82 / EM RM87

Vivix (150ml) WM RM475 / EM RM499


Cinch Energy Tea Mix (28 sticks) WM RM131 / EM RM138

Cinch Shake Mix (Canister) - Cafe Latte (15sv) WM RM138 / EM RM181

Cinch Shake Mix (Canister) - Chocolate (15sv) WM RM138 / EM RM181

Cinch Shake Mix (Canister) - Vanilla (15sv) WM RM138 / EM RM181


Set untuk Kesihatan Optimum RM75

Set untuk Ibu Menyusu (Option 1) RM80

Set untuk Ibu Menyusu (Option 2) RM260

Set untuk Ibu Menyusu (Option 3) RM140

Set untuk Berpantang / Pembedahan RM100

Set untuk Kecantikan Kulit / Kesuburan RM80

Set untuk Penjagaan Dalaman Wanita RM70

Set untuk Resdung / Alergi / Asthma / Enzema RM80

Set untuk Sistem Pertahanan Badan RM70

Set untuk Kanak-kanak RM145

Set untuk Suami Isteri RM70

Set untuk Ibu Hamil (trimester 1) RM130

Set untuk Ibu Hamil (trimester 2 & 3) RM130

Set untuk Kurus kan Badan (Set K-1) RM70

Set untuk Kurus kan Badan (Set K-2) RM70


Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate (16oz) WM RM46 / EM RM49

Dish Wash Concentrate (16oz) WM RM28 / EM RM29

Fresh Laundry Concentrate (5.5lb) WM RM80 / EM RM84

Soft Fabric Concentrate (32fl) WM RM40 / EM RM42

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